WARNING! Dogs Die in Hot Cars & Campers

Many Canadians are now aware of the dangers of leaving dogs in cars, tents or campers in the Summer. Within minutes, the extreme heat combined with their inefficient bio-cooling system can kill them. Yet every Summer, more dogs suffer this horrific death.

I don’t believe this is a problem with irresponsible dog owners as much as ignorance. I can’t imagine that most people who care enough to bring a dog with them, actually want to go back to their car to find them dead.

Please share the following images so we can stop this from happening once and for all.

Dogs Die in Hot Cars

Warning - Dogs Die in Hot Cars and Campers

Dogs Die in Parked Cars

It’s a great idea to call your local animal welfare organization and ask them for the phone number you should call to report a dog locked in a hot car. You can then save it on your cell phone so you’re ready in an emergency. Here are more resources from around the Web for launching a “dogs die in hot cars” campaign.

??? Have you ever seen a dog locked in a hot car alone? What did you do?


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Me & Tuggy Mcgee

I vow to keep telling people about this until it’s not a thing anymore. I agree with you it’s probably an accident most of the time because who wants to deal with a dead dog. All we can do is keep trying. Thanks for helping teach people about dogs in hot cars.

Jack McCann

people are still leaving kids in hot cars so I don’t know what our chances are for dogs but it’s worth a try. DON’T DO IT PEOPLE! NOT EVEN FOR A FEW MINUTES!


I can’t believe this is still happening. 🙁