Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Patio Doors

By Arkadi Lykovsky

Your sliding patio door allows for beautiful, unobstructed views outside and easy access to your backyard. Still, if you’ve got old or incorrectly installed units, it might lead to impaired operation or be a source of energy inefficiency for your house.

We have done some market research and contacted Ecoline, patio door installation experts, to share some of the latest insights regarding your potential door replacement projects. Here are some key signs to consider that it’s time to replace your patio doors.

1. Patio Doors That Let in a Draft

An old, drafty patio door can definitely make your energy bills skyrocket. Do you feel a temperature change near the door? Are your patio doors original to an older house? If so, most likely, they are not as energy efficient as new energy-efficient units present on the market today. Think about changing patio doors that feel drafty to the touch or if your current units are made with old, energy-inefficient frame materials.

2. Difficult Operation

While there are several patio door types, the most common one for Canadian homes is sliding patio doors. But these units are very frustrating to use when they don’t glide easily. Worn-down mechanics within your sliding system, such as the door’s track and rollers, will make the door tough to operate, requiring you to use more effort when opening or closing it.

So the first thing to try is to clean the track of visible debris and adjust the rollers to help correctly realign your door within the frame. Still, if the rollers are out of service completely or the track is bent, it is definitely a red flag, so you need to consider replacing your sliding patio door.

If you have French patio doors installed, the units should swing smoothly. If they don’t, something might be wrong with the hinges or the latches in the door unit. It’s time to call your local installer and ask them to investigate the issue and make some minor fixes if necessary.

3. Your Patio Doors Leak

Again, if you have an old door, the seal around it can lose its effectiveness or be compromised due to misalignments or defective materials. If you detect any leakage or mould inside your patio doors, it definitely requires your attention and shows it is time to replace your current units.

4. Your Patio Doors Don’t Lock

Properly locking is just as crucial for the security of your house as a reliable front door, so sliding patio doors should have a properly functioning locking device. That is why if you have any issues with locking, it is worth calling a window company and asking them to change the locking mechanism or get a new patio door with modern foot locks to enhance the security of your home.

5. Your Patio Doors are Damaged

If you live in a region with harsh weather, your patio doors can easily undergo storm damage, insect damage or accidental damage that can affect the functioning of your patio doors. Damaged units will also cause a drop in your house’s energy efficiency and overall thermal performance, so considering a replacement project is a must.

How to Choose New Patio Doors to Boost Your Property Value?

If you detected that your current units are out of service and need replacement, it is vital to change them with new energy-efficient patio doors that will not only improve the comfort but also boost your property value and bring peace of mind.

Here are some aspects to keep in mind:

Always buy and install Energy Star-rated doors. This label guarantees your new units will serve you for many years to come and significantly improve the energy efficiency of your house.

Choose the correct door type. As previously mentioned, you can basically choose between a sliding patio and French doors. The former is great for modern designs, while the latter will add value to traditionally-styled homes.

Decide on the right frame materials. If you want to get the maximum energy efficiency, deciding on the correct frame materials for your new doors is vital. While there are many alternatives to choose from, Vinyl is considered the go-to option for the majority of Canadians. It is cost-effective, durable and highly energy efficient.

Choose the correct glazing. While we are not going to go in-depth regarding different glass types, the vital thing to decide on is the number of panes. Typically it is the choice between double and triple glazed units. Triple pane glazing would be around 15% more expensive but can show up to 50% better thermal performance. However, the ROI might take a long time to pay off, especially if you live in a region with less harsh weather conditions. Be sure to analyze your current bills and climate to make the right choice.

Hire a reliable door company. Replacing a door, especially sliding units, is definitely not a DIY challenge. A correct installation is even more critical than the units you install, so make sure to deal with experts to do the job for you. They should follow the CSA guidelines and your building code to ensure the installation is correct and your new units operate smoothly.

The Bottom Line

Installing new patio doors would definitely be an excellent choice when considering a new home improvement project for your house. New patio units not only add to aesthetics and comfort but ultimately raise the property value, making it more attractive for potential buyers. Just be sure to bear in mind all the tips provided in this post and find a reliable window installation company to consult with you on what works best for your house.

Author Bio
Arkadi Lykovsky is an expert with more than 25 years of experience in consulting, installation and window replacement in Canada.

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