Review: B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog and Cat Dryer

Grooming is such an important part of the natural health and wellbeing of pets. It’s also part of a regular routine for pet parents, be it at a professional groomer’s or a quick rinse after a fun time in the mud. Most of us can’t run to a professional groomer every time our pet gets dirty or wet, so we were excited to hear that B-Air had come up with a home solution. It is our pleasure to provide a review of the B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer, part of the Cesar Millan Premier Grooming Collection.

Grooming Your Pet At Home

The benefits of home grooming are many:

  • Bonding time
  • The opportunity for a hands-on health inspection
  • Regular bathing may be required for allergies, skin infections and other conditions.
  • Home grooming is less stressful for pets, especially shy dogs and cats
  • You’ll save money
  • It’s convenient and can be done whenever you have the time, or whenever the need arises.

b-air_fido-max_dog_dryerA big issue pet parents have with home grooming is dealing with a wet animal. Pets don’t care if they’re getting you or the furniture wet, they’ll go about their routine as if they were dry.

Additionally, a bath isn’t the only reason pets can get wet. Here in the British Columbia rain forest, we’re painfully familiar with rain for days or weeks on end. Most places in North America deal with rain or snow more often than sunshine, and there are plenty of days in between when the ground is wet. Dogs still have to be walked and go out to relieve themselves, resulting in a wet dog whether we plan it or not. Don’t even get me started on the “snow balls” that embed themselves in long fur!

Usually, you have two options for drying your pet at home:

  1. You can have a stash of old towels on hand for the job, but they don’t actually dry your friend completely. Plus, all of that rubbing can cause matting.
  2. You can use a human hair dryer. Unfortunately, they can result in skin irritation from the heat and are often inefficient for drying animals.

Now, you have a third option: The Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer. B-Air has over 15 years of experience in providing products to the professional grooming industry, and it shows. Their products are used in grooming salons, veterinary facilities, kennels, and in agriculture for large animals. Now they’re offering a dryer specifically for home use.

The Fido Max provides efficient drying without heat, but they don’t stop there. The dog dryer includes attachable grooming tools for de-shedding, deep drying, and knot prevention.

  • The cone nozzle is used for deep drying, especially for thick-coated dogs.
  • The slot nozzle helps to prevent knotting while drying dogs with long coats.
  • The airflow nozzle is perfect for cats, small dogs, and sensitive areas like the ears and face.
  • The brush nozzle is designed for de-shedding the coat. It’s also our testers’ favorite attachment, even the cat!

B-Air also understands your demand for a safe solution. The Fido Max dryer has the highest product safety certifications available from ETL.

The Fido Max Dog Dryer in Action

We have a Maine Coon cat, a breed that has long fur on her belly, tail and neck, making regular grooming a necessity. She isn’t accustomed to being bathed and dried, but plenty of long-hair cats are. She was curious about the dryer, but the noise would take some getting used to in her case. If your cat is already using a dryer, the transition should be a smooth one.

B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer for Cats & Dogs

Our appreciation to the Latham family in BC, Canada, who tested the Fido Max dryer on their two dogs and provided the following feedback.

“We tried the dryer with two of our dogs. The Boxer thought we were playing a game and was very excited and a little nervous as it is louder than a standard blow dryer. Once she was used to it though, she looked to be really enjoying it, especially with the brush attachment. The dryer had a good temperature, with a standard blow dryer even the low setting feels too warm. The dryer has alot of power and made for quick work drying her off. Our little guy, on the other hand, is nervous as it is so the loud sound scared him. He calmed down somewhat once he realized it wasn’t going to hurt him and I think he enjoyed the bristles of the brush giving him a bit of a back scratch! All in all a great little dryer!”

B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer Review

The power behind this dog dryer does necessitate some noise that may scare pets at first, especially if they’re not accustomed to being dried. B-Air recommends the following steps to avoid scaring your dog or cat:

  1. Get the dryer out and let your pet check it out before it’s turned on.
  2. Use your Fido Max in an open space.
  3. Turn the dryer away from your pet and turn it on. Allow him to get accustomed to the noise before you begin drying.

The B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer does what the best inventions do: solve a real problem. We believe this product will enhance pet health, especially for those that require regular bathing and rinsing. The claim that the dryer is quiet is a relative statement, probably by comparison to their other products. Otherwise, this product is all it claims to be. Four paws up for this addition to the Cesar Millan Premier Grooming Collection!

??? How often do you find yourself with a wet dog or cat at home? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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y Lauder

Fall is a horrible time for mud here in BC and I’m getting prepared. I just knew someone would have come up with something to help me keep our 4 dogs from spreading it all over my house. 🙂


Thank you! It was a much neater winter thanks to you and Bair! We have 4 dogs in Vancouver.

Brenda & BJ

We’re supposed to get lots of snow this winter. Last year our new terrier had a horrible time with snow balls clinkging to his fur. He shivered for a long time after coming inside and the water was everywhere! I’m hoping to change our experience with this handy dryer!


You should see my dog after I bought this (thanks to you). She barked and ran around…….she thought it was a fun new toy LOL. Works great if I can get her to sit still!

B. Jurenka

Thanks for the review, I couldn’t find much about this particular dryer online. I ordered one yesterday and I look forward to less puddles!!