Amazon Prime Day: How Savvy Shoppers Score the Best Deals

Canadians love deals and that has made Amazon Prime Day a top online shopping destination. In fact, 27% of Canadian adults, or roughly 8.2 million people, plan to shop this year’s Amazon Prime Day sales (up from 24% in 2021).

Some categories are more popular than others for Canadian fans of Prime Day, according to the study.

The most popular product categories are:

  1. Makeup & Skincare
  2. Clothing & Accessories
  3. Products for the Home
  4. Gaming Tech
  5. Consumer Tech

The annual sale arrives with a massive marketing campaign, promising exclusive deals for Prime members. Savvy shoppers know how to find the best deals without falling victim to impulse buying or shady practices.

Our guest expert, Nick Drewe, founder of discounts platform Deal.Town shares his advice on how to spot a good deal and what to avoid before you check out.

Opt for First-Party Deals on the Homepage

All sellers trying on Amazon will be trying to get some Prime Day attention, but the best discounts will probably be on Amazon’s own lineup of hardware products on the homepage.

The Amazon Devices department will have some of the best discounts on products reviewed which they can first-handedly recommend.

Items including Echo smart speakers and smart displays, Fire tablets, Fire Kindle e-readers, will most likely be on sale for much less than they usually retail for.

In 2021, some of Amazon Prime Day’s best selling products included:

​​iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

All of which are well-known, branded hardware products.

Get a $10 Credit for Using Your Amazon Prime Benefits

Whether you’re an existing Prime Member, or just signed up for the service, you can get a $10 credit for using four features you get with the membership.

Here’s how to earn the $10 credit:

  • Stream a movie or show on Prime Video.
  • Listen to a song on Prime Music.
  • Use Prime Reading to pick out a book.
  • Purchase something that ships with Prime.

It’s fairly simple, you just need to collect four stamps in total to receive the credit and shoppers around the world will be eligible for this credit.

Watch Out for ‘No-Name’ Products

Major brands generally have to present a baseline level of reliability, quality and support. However, that doesn’t always apply to several “brands” on Amazon.

If you’re looking for tech such as earphones, smart watches and tablets, you’re going to find a lot of heavily discounted products on Amazon from brands you probably haven’t heard of before.

The names advertised are normally a description of what the product does, with a list of keywords, such as “Bluetooth Wireless Headsets Earphones”.

Whilst the price may be extremely appealing, it is important to read as many trusted reviews as possible to avoid spending money on something that will only last you a short amount of time.

Often, spending more on something like a watch or headphones that require a good quality in order to have a longer life span is a better option. Quality over quantity!

Research Product Price Histories

An investigation into last year’s Black Friday deals by Which? found that an astonishing 85% of products in the sales had already been available at the same price or less in the six months before. With this in mind, it’s important to check the price history of your product to determine whether you are actually getting a deal at all.

Web tools such as CamelCamelCamel will let you check how much Amazon products have been sold for previously. If you find that your product has been advertised at the same price in the months prior to Amazon Prime Day, then flag this item as low priority for your seasonal shopping.

Focus Your Shopping

Clicking on the Prime Day banner will open up a sprawling list of thousands of products from every corner of Amazon. By default, the list will prioritize “Featured” products, however, that isn’t very useful when you are looking for specific products.

Try to avoid impulse buys by focusing on the type of deals you’re actually shopping for. On the left side of the page on a web browser, look at the list of departments and check only the departments you actually want to browse.

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I’ve become quite good at finding deals on Amazon Prime Day but it isn’t that hard since they don’t have much in Canada. There are some gems though! just don’t waste a bunch of time hoping to find better deals because you probably won’t. 🙁