Out of This World Space Books for Kids

For centuries, nothing has been more intriguing for kids of all ages than the outer reaches of our universe. The mysteries of space capture the imagination and trigger a thirst for more information. It can inspire a career, hobby or a love of sci-fi. It offers perspective, as we realize how small we really are in the big picture. It challenges us with the realization that we will never know everything.

Perhaps most importantly, it instills the idea that science can be fascinating and learning is a fun, rewarding pastime. Having a spaced-out kid can be a very good thing!

Out of This World Space Books for Kids

Most of us will never explore the universe in person, but we can visit using exceptional books containing breathtaking photography, informative illustrations and the stories behind the mysteries.

These top space books, provided by DK Canada, do just that. All are overflowing with factual information, presented in a style that’s easy to comprehend and a joy to read.

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The Mysteries of the Universe

Mysteries of the Universe Book

Will Gater uncovers the deep secrets of 100 celestial objects in The Mysteries of the Universe! Explore planets, asteroids and distant stars, along with the galaxies they reside in. Get lost in a black hole and explore the solar system, then find out about the latest scientific discoveries. Large, colourful images captivate children and draw them deeper into the infinite galaxy, while the storybook style makes it easy to read.

DK Smithsonian: Universe

Universe Book

Universe, The Definitive Visual Guide is as huge as the galaxy demands, allowing for detailed, vivid visuals that include the latest images from powerful telescopes and space probes. It boasts both the most recent discoveries and timeless facts. The star maps guide amateur observers around the world at any time of year, sparkling with 88 constellations.

Take a deep dive into celestial phenomena and the fundamental concepts of practical astronomy with this spectacular pictorial encyclopedia. It’s a large, truly beautiful book that can take a place of honour on your coffee table, where it will inspire the imagination of all who open it.

DK Smithsonian: Mars

Mars Book

Recent launches of Mars rovers have sparked the imagination of all earthlings, as more of the planet’s mysteries are revealed.

  • Have any life forms existed on Mars?
  • Could we really inhabit the red planet someday?
  • What would that look like?

The truth is out there… and it’s revealed in yet another outstanding DK Smithsonian book, Mars! Kids will be fascinated by the possibilities as they learn about amazing space tech & scientists, Mars facts, and what it would take for humans to live in space.

DK Smithsonian: Star Finder


Star Finder is all about guiding aspiring astronomers through the night sky, while learning about the cosmic wonders they find there. The detailed, glow-in-the-dark night-sky viewer is simply brilliant, providing a close-up look at constellations, planets and galaxies.

DK Smithsonian: Space Visual Encyclopedia

Space Encyclopedia

The Space Visual Encyclopedia takes children through the past and future of outer space, from the birth of the universe to space tourism. Learn about rockets, the astronauts who fly in them and what they see when they go on a mission. Info panels, timelines, interviews, diagrams, and activities accompany vivid images, enthralling kids as they journey from Earth to the farthest reaches of the Universe.

Astronomy: A Visual Guide

Astronomy Book

Astronomy is packed with beautifully-illustrated facts, covering the history of space and space travel, the universe, the night sky, astronomical phenomena, and recent discoveries. Kids will open it again and again to view the Monthly Sky Guide with 100 Star Charts, Almanac of future astronomical events, and Glossary included in this comprehensive guide.

This beautiful book comes in its own case, making it a perfect gift that will be treasured for generations to come.

Baby Robot Explains… Rocket Science

Baby Robot Explains Rocket Science

Baby Robot Explains Rocket Science is a delightful board book that introduces rocket science in a way that captivates even the youngest child. Baby Robot has many questions about going to space, which his friend, Rose-bot, answers with simple facts and attention-grabbing pictures.

The Secret Explorers and the Comet Collision

Secret Explorers Comet Book

If sci-fi is more their thing, grab a copy of The Secret Explorers and the Comet Collision by SJ King. A brilliant kid named Roshni is the space expert that leads the mission to fix a Jupiter space probe, before a comet slams into the planet. The team has to beat the clock while they dodge asteroids during a heart-pounding spacewalk. The story of their adventure is sprinkled with facts about Jupiter and their ‘mission notes’ are full of even more info. Readers can take the book quiz to find out just how much they’ve learned.

The Secret Explorers is a thrilling series that includes The Secret Explorers and the Tomb Robbers, The Secret Explorers and the Lost Whales, and The Secret Explorers and the Jurassic Rescue. They’re all easy to read, educational and an engaging introduction to novels.

All of these books will endure the test of time, both for reading and as a timeless reference for school projects!

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