8 Fun, New Kids’ Books That Inspire Health and Happiness

Resolutions are made and broken this time of year. For parents, many of our resolutions involve nurturing a healthier body and mind for our kids. Forcing it on them can backfire, but making it a fun choice when they’re young can result in a lifetime habit.

“Habits are hard to break,” says HealthLinkBC. “That’s why the sooner in life we build good, healthy habits, the easier it is to keep them and stay as healthy as possible. And when good habits are in place, it’s easier to resist bad ones.”

Kids’ Books That Inspire Health & Happiness

Imagine if adults had healthy habits that they automatically used to relax and cope better. Imagine if they viewed healthy eating as a normal part of their everyday lives. What a wonderful world that would be! It can happen, if we teach our children how to do it until it’s their go-to reaction in any situation.

We learn some very important things when we’re growing up. Throw a tantrum and get what you want. When things aren’t going your way, sit down and cry until someone fixes it for you. If nobody fixes it, then it can’t be done and it’s not your fault. That’s depressing, so let’s eat piles of junk food to feel better…

Instead, we could learn how to be mindful. Our go-to could be any number of self-calming rituals that we automatically tap into when things go wrong. We can focus on a problem, own our mistakes, take control and charge ahead. Good health can easily be integrated into our everyday lives without giving it a second thought, because we’ve always done it that way.

There are three ways to ensure success:

  1. Start early
  2. Be consistent
  3. Make it pleasant and fun

The following books (provided by DK Canada) do a stellar job at all three, and then some!

Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a wonderful way to weave good physical and mental health into our lives and anyone can do it. It encourages fitness, meditation, relaxation and peace. Yoga can become a lifetime habit when you introduce it early.

TIP: Try it when you think they’re headed for a meltdown.

My First Yoga: Fun and Simple Yoga Poses for Babies and Toddlers

My First Yoga

It’s never too early to introduce simple yoga techniques! Toddlers love all the entertaining bending and learning that comes with the My First Yoga board book. The quick jaunt through each illustrated pose keeps children engaged while they expend energy and then relax. The animals and objects connected to each pose bring it to life, while also developing thinking skills and broadening their vocabulary.

Yoga For Kids: Simple First Steps in Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga for Kids

Children are treated to more than 50 poses and activities in Yoga for Kids. Each pose is illustrated with photos of real children, making it more engaging and easy to imitate. Hilarity often ensues as they inadvertently learn about focus, meditation and relaxation, resulting in the ability to calm themselves and find peace. These are invaluable skills for them to take into their teenage years and adulthood!

Mental Wellness for Kids

Mental health, coping mechanisms and stress management are all a part of mental wellness in children and adults. Starting early can ingrain habits that make a real difference in overall happiness for their entire lives.

“Mental wellness is an important part of your child’s overall health and development,” says the BC Provincial Health Services Authority. “Factors that affect mental wellness include mood, sleep habits, coping skills and relationships with family, friends and others.”

My Mixed Emotions: Help Your Kids Handle Their Feelings

My Mixed Emotions

The way we process and express emotions impacts how we cope with what life throws at us. My Mixed Emotions dives into sadness, anger, fear and happiness, while coaching children through specific situations (like grief and bullying). It’s bursting with helpful tips and techniques that show kids how to recognize, understand and express their emotions.

This book helps kids understand what happens physically when they’re happy, sad or nervous. Learning the science behind emotions helps kids accept them as both normal and manageable.

Calm: Mindfulness for Kids

Calm for Kids

Activity Book:
Mindfulness can impact virtually every aspect of our lives at any age. Calm: Mindfulness for Kids uses engaging activities and crafts to focus your child’s mind, lower stress levels and get them moving. They’ll learn fun ways to understand their thoughts and feelings better, appreciate food and explore the world around them. A journal is included in the book so kids can note their own thoughts and feelings.

Forty flashcards use enthralling exercises and crafts to teach your child how to be mindful and handle stress, by focusing their thoughts and embracing the world around them. Activities can be chosen based on a current need (reflection, focus or calm), whatever they need to work on, or go through them all systematically.

LEGO® DUPLO® I Love You Every Day!

Love Your Every Day Duplo Book

The security of knowing we’re loved unconditionally can’t be beat. This adorable board book stars LEGO® DUPLO® characters, who introduce feelings and touchingly convey how parents will love their child no matter what they’re feeling.

Healthy Eating for Kids

Parents often agonize over the eating habits of their kids, especially if they have a “picky eater”. Cookbooks that are made for children are a game changer. They’re more likely to eat food they’ve made themselves and it’s an effective way to get them to try new foods. They quickly learn just how easy and tasty it is to make their own food at home, changing how they’ll view food for the rest of their lives.

Kids’ Fun & Healthy Cookbook (Canadian Edition)

Kids' Fun and Healthy Cookbook

Canadian kids will learn about making good food choices with the Kids’ Fun & Healthy Cookbook, but they’ll probably be too absorbed in creating delicious food to notice. There’s something for every taste with more than 100 recipes and variations to choose from, each with easy-to-follow instructions, step-by-step photos, and nutritional information. The food facts, helpful hints, kitchen skills, dual metric & imperial measurements, and a glossary of cooking terminology and techniques turn this book into a complete, motivating guide.

Don’t be surprised if they apply this knowledge to YOUR cooking too! The whole family can benefit from nutritional awareness and healthy eating.

Children’s Cookbook: Quick & Easy Recipes for Young Chefs

Children's Cookbook

The Children’s Cookbook is designed to provide guidance, build confidence and encourage healthy eating without sacrificing treats. Kids can try 50 recipes that are easy to follow and include mouth-watering illustrations. The book focuses on healthy eating and kitchen safety in a way that makes kids excited to learn new, lifelong skills.

The Vegetarian Cookbook

Vegetarian Cookbook for Teenagers

Whether you’re a vegetarian or flexitarian, the Vegetarian Cookbook inspires teenagers and pre-teens to eat a complete diet, without the dietary and environmental concerns of eating a lot of meat. Over 60 easy dishes are formulated by experts to ensure they’re nutritionally complete, with food facts and tips that teach teens how to achieve a balanced diet. They’ll also learn about foods that will help with healthy hormonal development, concentration and overall mental well-being.

The above books will prove invaluable as you teach good physical health and mental wellness to your children. It’s all done in a positive, entertaining way that brings it deep into their brain so they can take it into adulthood, setting them up for a longer, happier life. That’s a parent’s job, in a nutshell.

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Trying to keep the kids busy at home and you helped a great deal while we collect books for our little readers. I like books that make them happy to read and try new things to keep them busy.


There is just NO WAY to make kids eat healthy once they’re in school unless you make it fun and cool. If these books will do that I’ll buy every single one!! Maybe I’ll start with 2 and see how it goes. Thank you very much!!


This is such a lovely selection of kids books…great choices!

Les & Jay

If it prevents melt-downs I’m in. I don’t suppose you tried any of the ideas in these books on kids with autism?