Hurry! Hatchimals Draggle & Penguala are in Stock in Canada!

Hatchimals are THE toy to buy this year and they’ve been scarce since they were first released. Canadian shoppers are desperately seeking the “magical” creatures, only to find “out of stock” notices everywhere they look.  There are still legit sellers who have Hatchimals in stock who are in (or will ship to) Canada, but you’ll have to move fast and they won’t be “cheep”.

Have you Had Enough of Searching for Hatchimals Online?

Luckily, you can easily find all sellers that have Hatchimals in stock if you go through an online marketplace like Amazon. The platform has product availability functionality that lists all sources of any one product, if you know where to look.

Online stores that have Penguala (Pink) available in Canada.

Online stores that have Draggle (Blue and Purple) in stock in Canada.

You can also find Hatchimals in Canada on eBay.

Why do Children Love Hatchimals?

The appeal of not knowing what you’ll get is part of the fascination with this hot toy.  The idea of nurturing a baby to maturation has always been popular and it’s been done many times before, but this is THE one for 2016.  Children over 5 years of age will be thrilled to find it under the tree this holiday season. I’m not sure that it will hold their attention for long, but I said the same thing about Cabbage Patch Kids and they were adored for years by their adopted “parents”.

Fun fact: Hatchimals are Canadian!  They’re the creation of Spin Master, based in Toronto.

Good luck with your search for Hatchimals online!  I hope you’re able to find a good price in Canada.  If not, I’m sure you’ll manage to have a happy holiday season with the many other interactive toys available for children over 5.


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I did a lot of bargain shopping so I could aford a hatchimal to really make my little girl’s Christmas morning special. Thanks for making it possible even if it IS expensive LOL 🙂

Andrea Lewis

Score! Just spend way too much money on my nephew but his mum can’t afford it and she actually cried when I told her I ordered a Hatchimal. That’s priceless. Thanks for the tip.


The price goes higher every day! I had to wait until payday and paid almost 50 bucks more because of it.

Elaine Archambeau

YOU are a LIFESAVER! I know it’s crazy to spend $200 on a toy but my girl is 6 and a hatchimal is the ONLY thing she’s asked for. We’ll have to spend less on other stuff for her but I’m sure she won’t notice. Thank you SO much!