25 Holiday Season Hacks for Your Home

I’m all about shortcuts, at least when I can take them without a negative impact. I love automation and tips that save time and effort, especially during busy times like the holiday season. Following is a list of tips and an infographic to help make your season that much brighter and your workload lighter!

25 Holiday Season Hacks for Your Home

  1. Pick up fallen tree needles with duct tape.
  2. Clean dust off tinsel or artificial Christmas trees by placing nylon stockings (pantyhose) over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. We keep a Ninja handheld vacuum within reach for quick cleanups throughout the holiday season.
  3. Use a soft paintbrush to dust fragile decorations.
  4. Tree sap will come out of carpets easier if you harden it with hand sanitizer, hairspray or ice before scraping it off.
  5. Wrap tree lights around cardboard for easier detangling next year.
  6. Store fragile ornaments in plastic cups or wrap them in used wrapping paper to protect them.
  7. Display holiday cards out of the way by tacking a few feet of ribbon to the wall or mantle and hanging cards over it.
  8. Have a wrapping paper pickup party by turning it into a game for kids.
  9. Place a sheet under the tree to catch glitter and other messes as kids unwrap their gifts.
  10. Use a large paper clip to keep wrapping paper rolls from unwinding.
  11. Keep ribbons neatly rolled with a paper clip.
  12. Keep a few signed Christmas cards ready for unexpected guests.
  13. Soak silverware in a mix of baking soda and salt to bring back their shine.
  14. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide makes roaster cleanup quick & painless.
  15. Defrost & clean your freezer to make sure there’s plenty of room for leftovers.
  16. A lint roller quickly cleans up upholstery.
  17. Keep a package of cleaning wipes handy for spot cleaning and disinfecting.
  18. Bring in the smell of the holiday season with candles. For example, I burn evergreen scented candles to compensate for my artificial Christmas tree.
  19. Pour a can of cola into your toilet bowl and let it sit for about an hour before flushing the buildup away.
  20. Remove artificial snow with a ceramic scraper, then clean up residue with a solution of 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar.
  21. After the holiday, you can use duct tape or a lint roller to pick up glitter and other small bits. I tackle it all effortlessly using the Shark® AI VACMOP™ Robot.
  22. A bowl of hot water & vinegar or lemon juice left out over night will help to clear unpleasant odours.
  23. If candle wax drips onto your table, place a paper towel over it and heat with a hairdryer to remove it.
  24. Empty all of the water from the tree stand using a turkey baster to avoid spillage during removal.
  25. Wrap tape around a butter knife (double sided or sticky side out) to grab crumbs or dust from small crevices.

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Holiday Season Hacks for your Home

Infographic courtesy of Express Doors Direct via Infographic Journal.


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