The Very Best FREE Coupon Apps for Canadians

Most Canadians want to save money when they can. Clipping print coupons is an effective way to do that, but you have to go through volumes of paper to find one you need, cut it out, carry it around with you, and then remember to use it during checkout before it expires. That’s a lot of work to save fifty cents on laundry detergent.

Coupon apps make it a breeze for today’s busy Canadian households to save money with couponing. You can search for the exact coupon you want in seconds, then use it later with your smartphone or upload your receipt for “cash back”. Discounts for online shopping are even easier to apply.

Digital couponing has become very popular, as the use of smartphones has grown.

“The value of digital coupon redemptions will surge to $91 billion by 2022,” predicts a report by Jupiter Research. “Mobile will account for nearly 80% of all coupon redemptions by 2022.”

TIP: If you shop in-store, make sure you ask about price-matching policies!

The Very Best FREE Coupon Apps for Canadians

Following are our favourite couponing apps.


If you shop online, you can still use coupons in the form of discount codes. Shop at any online store and Honey will automatically apply the best available coupons during the checkout process. Just add their “app” to your Google Chrome browser and you’re done.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is a coupon/cashback hybrid that’s a Canadian favourite. The receipt has to be uploaded and approved, then you’ll receive a cheque when you’ve reached at least $20. It’s the perfect solution for those who don’t like to use coupons at checkout.

Flipp Coupons

You’ll find both coupons and flyers at Flipp, which is based in Toronto. The app allows you to save and sync your loyalty cards. Access coupons both on their website and through their app. has coupons, as well as flyers and free samples for Canadians. You can access the coupons through their website or download the app.


Choose from printable or digital coupons using your WebSaver account, or even have some mailed to you. It isn’t technically an app, but you can use coupons via your smartphone directly from your WebSaver account.

More Ways to Save Money When you Shop in Canada

  • You’ll find coupons on many company websites. Some are still old school, printable coupons, while others offer apps of their own (popular with store reward programs or loyalty cards).
  • If you prefer to print coupons, check out Clip the coupons you want – then click ‘Print Coupons’ when you’re done.
  • Earn cash back on purchases you make online through a large number of online retailers, including Walmart, The Source, Michaels, Etsy, Old Navy, Best Buy, Reitman’s & more, simply by clicking through to each site via Rakuten Canada.
  • You can earn gift cards for your favourite stores using sites like Swagbucks. They have over 15 million members who are earning gift cards by playing games, watching videos and other easy activities. You can choose from a wide range of gift cards. If you like this way of earning, there’s a list of the best sites that pay Canadians to do various online tasks.

??? What’s your favourite coupon app? Please share it in the comments below.

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Does anyone clip coupons anymore? Not ME! One of these days I’ll add up what I save every year with couponing apps because it’s ALOT! Its so easy I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t do it now. It’s just a matter of making sense of cents!


The whole coupon thing is so in need of an upgrade. I’m surprised they even still have paper coupons! Apps make so much more sense. Nobody leaves home without their phone anymore.

Marjorie Quinlan

I have a phone but use it as a phone. I pay as I go and do not have apps on my phone. As a senior on a limited budget I have to watch what I spend.


do everyone have to accept the deals at stores or can they say no? I think coupon policies for each store applies.

Ardith Manchester

I like to save every penny I can!! It’s fun & challenging to dig up good deals and I save several hundred dollars every year. Why not? 🙂