Eco-tainment ‘Future Chicken’ is Coming to CBC Kids!

A new generation of Canadian environmental crusaders will be tasked with much more than fixing the current state of the planet. They’ll also need to think in a whole new way to ensure it doesn’t happen again. This generation must feel hopeful and empowered so they can innovate and lead us through global stability. Ultimately, today’s kids will show us how to nurture nature so it continues to nurture us.

Introducing children to environmental concerns at a young age through entertainment that inspires and motivates them, provides a solid base for future change. That future looks brighter with the launch of Future Chicken on CBC TV, CBC Gem, and the Future Chicken YouTube channel.

TORONTO October 12, 2023 – Producing partners Wind Sun Sky Entertainment, Clearwater Farm, and Ontario Water Centre are excited to announce that CBC Kids is the Canadian broadcast and streaming partner for their innovative global eco-tainment platform, Future Chicken. Kicking off the partnership, The Future Chicken Today Show will premiere on Sunday, November 5 as part of CBC Kids’ morning schedule on CBC TV and CBC Gem, and will subsequently be available on the Future Chicken YouTube channel the following day. The Future Chicken Eco-tainment shorts will also be shared on and the CBC Kids YouTube channel.

This groundbreaking initiative, geared primarily for kids aged 6 to 10 years old, aims to counter climate “doomism” by offering a variety of entertaining and educational experiences including an interactive website, weekly talk show, monthly podcast, hundreds of shorts and more, which set to inspire hope and empowerment to build a better future.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have CBC Kids as our partner, joining us in our mission to reach and inspire as many children as possible,” shares Executive Producers, Catherine Winder (CEO, Wind Sun Sky Entertainment Inc.; also known for adapting iconic IPs as Star Wars: Clone Wars, Angry Birds, Invincible, and Annabel Slaight (founding chair of the Ontario Water Centre educational charity; co-founder of the widely acclaimed OWL kids’ empire of magazines, books and television programs); “Together, we’ll amplify the power of eco-tainment to ignite the imaginations of young minds and foster a generation that believes in a brighter, more sustainable future.”

“Future Chicken takes on our planet’s most existential challenges with warmth and pluck – it’s a tone that we hope will inspire kids – and us all – to be the heroes the planet needs right now,” said Marie McCann, Senior Director, Children’s Content, CBC Kids.

The platform features a time-travelling, eco-superhero chicken named Potato, also known as “Future Chicken.” She’s a time-travelling chicken from 2050 with her tech-wiz sidekick ‘Frittata’. Together, they embark on the most important adventure there ever was, to spark positive change in the present, and safeguard the very future of our planet. With a blend of humour, ingenuity, and collaboration. Potato, Frittata and their Planet Protector friends are creating a hope-filled future built on caring communities, thriving oceans, greener cities, and renewed optimism. Future Chicken truly believes “Together, we make the future!”

The Future Chicken Today Show

In the year 2050, the BioBarn (half TV Studio/ half Planet Protector HQ), is abuzz with activity. Using their time-twister portal, hosts Potato, Frittata, and Rocket Pants present a live-streamed show from the future to engage kids in 2023. This monthly event, known as The Future Chicken Today Show, is a dynamic eco-tainment series featuring lively interviews with notable guests who provide inspiring yet honest perspectives on the global environment. Cutting-edge technology allows for interviews conducted by the world’s FIRST animated chicken host.

Tune in ‘live’ from 2050 as our hosts showcase a new video game, celebrate ‘Chicken Appreciation Day’, and interview guests from the 2020s who ‘time-twist’ to the studio to offer solutions, share planet-protecting advice, and join the fun. The show introduces wildlife conservationists, gaming influencers, climate scientists, eco-activists, and more, fostering inspiration and humor to empower kids with a positive outlook on the future. The Future Chicken Today Show represents a groundbreaking era in live streaming!

Future Chicken Eco-tainment Shorts

Ever watch a YouTube short presented by a time-travelling chicken, that informs kids about animals’ symbiotic relationships whilst riding in a 4×4 alongside a hippo? No? Well, here’s your chance!

Leveraging the concept of micro-learning and by leaning into YouTube-friendly strands, the Future Chicken Eco-tainment Shorts fuse mixed media with edu-tainment, and a huge dose of hilarity. Featuring Future Chicken’s ensemble of Planet Protectors including Potato the Chicken, her BFF Frittata, a joke-cracking egg with rocket pants for flight, an electric catfish fascinated by fascinators named Persa, a soil connoisseur worm named worm and an eco-detective mushroom, Bello with a passion for cyclical regeneration. Made up of multiple strands of positive eco-stories such as Good News shorts that highlight eco-inventions that are having a positive effect on the environment, to Nature ASMR and gameshow-style quizzes about composting, Future Chicken’s fast, funny short form content will delight kids and deliver bite-sized learning along with a laugh. Together, they help kids understand that even small actions can lead to big and lasting positive effects for the planet.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology combined with stories and nature, Future Chicken will propel kids into the brilliance of nature’s wonders and human inventions when it launches in November 2023.

About Wind Sun Sky Entertainment

Wind Sun Sky Entertainment (WSS) is a Canadian multimedia company led by former LucasFilm executive, Catherine Winder (Invincible, The Angry Birds Movie 1 & 2, Star Wars: The Clone Wars). Based in Vancouver, WSS works at the intersection of storytelling and technology to build franchises for the global marketplace, producing in all mediums including interactive, film, series (live action and animation), Roblox and mobile apps. To expand its’ media footprint and content offerings, WSS partnered with Productivity Media co-producer and financier of high-quality original film and TV content for the family and the adult market.

One of the company’s notable collaborations with Skybound Entertainment led to the production of the globally acclaimed series, Invincible – an animated drama based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book, featured on Amazon Prime. In a recent endeavor with OddFellows Entertainment, WSS produced the adult comedy animated series Psi Cops for Adult Swim Canada. Continuing its legacy of producing adult animation, the studio has a diverse rich slate of comedic and dramatic shows in development. In the kids’ space, WSS adapted the hit Roblox game Twilight Daycare (1.7B+ Plays) into an innovative scripted series produced on the Roblox platform. WSS introduced Camp Bonkers, a unique multi-platform initiative encompassing a Roblox Game, an app, and a children’s variety show. In a first of its kind venture, WSS adapted the musical mobile game My Singing Monsters producing a live interactive animated show My Singing Monsters Fandemonium. For HEXBUG, WSS adapted their award winning toy line, JunkBots into a web series and Roblox game. The studio is currently co-creating a ground-breaking multi-platform digital universe for kids intended to combat climate doomism called Future Chicken which is set to launch in the fall of 2023. 

About Ontario Water Centre and ClearWater Farm

A 10-year-old educational charity inspired by water; a hub for ecological innovation and leadership development that engages with young people through science, technology and the arts. The charity’s flagship is ClearWater Farm, launched in 2016 as a ‘living lab’ where kids in their wonder years can learn from the natural world, young agri-preneurs can advance regenerative and water-wise farming techniques while learning to grow healthy food, and visitors can experience and enjoy the connections between good food, good health and an engaged community as we move towards a healthy planet.

About CBC/Radio-Canada

CBC/Radio-Canada is Canada’s national public broadcaster. Through our mandate to inform, enlighten and entertain, we play a central role in strengthening Canadian culture. As Canada’s trusted news source, we offer a uniquely Canadian perspective on news, current affairs and world affairs. Our distinctively homegrown entertainment programming draws audiences from across the country. Deeply rooted in communities, CBC/Radio-Canada offers diverse content in English, French and eight Indigenous languages. We also deliver content in Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi and Tagalog, as well as both official languages, through Radio Canada International (RCI). We are leading the transformation to meet the needs of Canadians in a digital world.

About CBC Kids

CBC Kids entertains, informs, and enlightens kids living in Canada from two to tween and their grownups on CBC TV, CBC Gem, CBC Kids and CBC Kids News as well as on YouTube and TikTok.

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