Featured Canadian Product: ComfySleep Buckwheat Hull Pillow Review

Pillows filled with buckwheat hulls? Seriously?

Yeah, that’s what I said too. But apparently they’ve been used for centuries in Asia and are becoming more popular in North America.

I’m prone to painful neck/shoulder/arm issues (like Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) that last for weeks. In an effort to prevent recurrences and ease pain during flareups, I’m always willing to try anything that may provide both support and comfort at night. Additionally, I have intermittent problems with my sinuses and allergies, so hypoallergenic and organic certification means a lot to me. As you might expect, when the folks at ComfyComfy Canada contacted us, I enthusiastically agreed to try the ComfySleep Organic Buckwheat Hull Bed Pillow.

The ComfySleep product line is made by hand with natural materials in Toronto, using Canadian buckwheat hulls. The pillows are specifically designed to provide ergonomic support, resulting in better quality sleep and less aches & pains from “sleeping wrong”. The ‘Bed Pillow’ comes in four sizes to suit every person and their favourite sleeping position.

I’ve tried many pillows, from economy to high-end. There’s only one way to try them and when they don’t work for me, game over. I have to throw them away or store them for guests. The ComfySleep Buckwheat Hull Pillow is the only one I’ve found that facilitates easy adjustments with a hidden zipper. When it’s too thick and firm, remove some hulls. When it’s too flat and soft, add some hulls (extra hulls are included with purchase). I pulled a Goldilocks move and adjusted it three times until it was just right.

What I Like About the ComfySleep Buckwheat Hull Pillow

Buckwheat Hull Pillow Review

One of the most annoying problems with traditional pillows is they never keep the perfect form. They’re either too “poofy” when they’re new, or they get too flat after using them for a month or two. They may be at a level of perfection for a few months at best. Buckwheat hulls hold their shape so you don’t have to keep adjusting the amount in the pillow. As a result, this pillow lasts considerably longer than those with standard fill.

A material like buckwheat hulls calls for a tough case. That’s why this company uses a unique, high-quality, organic cotton twill designed to be comfortable, tough and breathable. It’s such a lovely material, especially this time of year. Combined with the buckwheat hulls it’s so much cooler than smothering memory foam, yet still offers comparable contouring.

“The main strength of buckwheat pillows is their supportiveness and adjustability,” writes Independent review group, Sleep Like The Dead that ranked ComfyPillow as #1 for owner satisfaction. “These features tend to result in above average neck pain relief. In addition, the pillows tend to not trap heat.”

An added bonus is these pillows are more environmentally-friendly than traditional pillows. The buckwheat hulls are compostable and the pillow lasts roughly three times longer than average.

Any complaints?

It’s HEAVY. That doesn’t really cause a problem, but it’s a noticable difference between this and other pillows. It actually makes it stay in place better so I don’t really consider it a negative point.

I’ll probably add a quilted pillow cover for a bit of cushioning between me and the hulls, although I’m sure I’d get used to the feel of it without a cover.

Get Your Own Canadian ComfyPillow!

I like mine so I’m not sharing, but you can buy one of your own and have it shipped FREE right to your door.  If you hurry over to ComfyComfy before August 31st, you can use discount code CF15 for 15% off all products (except buckwheat hulls).  It’s virtually impossible for it to not work for you eventually (with adjustments), but if it doesn’t you can return if within 30 days for a full refund.

Have you ever tried a pillow filled with buckwheat hulls? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

Sweet dreams!

ComfySleep Buckwheat Hull Pillow Review

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Innovation in every category! So nice to see it in Canada and in my bedroom. 😀

Lena Gilmore

I saw that pillow somewhere….probably online….maybe here HAHA! It might be just the thing for my mum’s neck problems. Everything we buy isn’t quite right in some way.

D. Visser

How innovative! I’m researching pillows and find this and couldn’t resist clicking to check it out. I’m not sure it’s for me but it definitely made the list of options. I like the idea of it being natural and supporting a Canadian business too.