Beautiful Books for Each Kind of Kid… Even Gross Ones

We’d all love to see children reading more books, especially those they can learn from. Giving a book to a child is the easy part. The challenge is getting them to read it. The key to choosing a book they’ll love is to think like they do, based on what they already enjoy.

How to Find the Best Books for Your Unique Child

  • When you’re looking for books to give as a gift to children, focus on their personality and how it effects their interest in educational topics.
  • Begin your search online, where more information is available at your fingertips.
  • Take kids into a bookstore or library and note what grabs and holds their attention, then look for the latest related publications when you shop for books.
  • While it may be tempting to buy books that teach what you want a child to learn, you’ll only encourage a love of reading if you focus on what interests them.

Beautiful Books for Each Kind of Kid… Even Gross Ones

These truly exceptional books for kids are new, 2019 releases that will make a perfect gift this year. We’ve categorized them to help you find the right one for your little builder, STEM kid, explorer, party animal, cook and even kids that love all things grotesque.

The STEM Kid

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Canada excels in it as an academic category.

“Canada ranks 12th out of 16 peer countries in the percentage of its graduates who studied in STEM programs, with 21.2%,” states Wikipedia, “a number higher than the United States.”

Encourage interest in STEM early and let your child’s imagination take them in a more specific direction as they grow.

Tech Lab Book

Kids 11-14 who show an interest in electronics and tech are going to dive right into Tech Lab. This hardcover book grabs their attention with projects and activities that are guaranteed to appeal to that age group, including a bedroom alarm, phone charger, speakers, motorboat and crane. The projects inspire innovative kids to create their own inventions, while motivating them to consider a career in something that truly fascinates them.

If chemistry, physics or biology are more their thing, Explanatorium of Science will show them how the world works from that perspective.

The Builder

Lego Bedtime Builds Book 2019

The physical, hands-on nature of born builders can make it hard to settle down at night. LEGO® can calm the most antsy builder by letting them build a bedtime story with The LEGO® Book of Bedtime Builds. They’ll choose one of eight adventures to build (blocks included) and play with while they read. The next night they can take it all apart and embark on a whole new adventure!

Books for the Cook

Many kids love to be involved in the baking process or other culinary activities, but they’re not often encouraged to take over and turn it into a life skill and lifelong healthy eating habits.

The Children's Cookbook

The Children’s Cookbook is designed to provide guidance, build confidence and encourage healthy eating without sacrificing treats. Kids can try 50 recipes that are easy to follow and well-illustrated.

The Gross Kid

It Can't be True! Poo! Book

You know the type. Many kids go through a stage where they find everything gross to be hilarious, but some kids are actually fascinated with stuff everyone else finds gross. Your future medical professional or biologist will be enthralled by It Can’t be True! Poo!  You’ll both learn a lot from the scientific explanations and trivia, while exclaiming “Oh, GROSS!” in awe and delight.

The Explorer

Both of these beautiful, hardcovered books make perfect heirlooms and keepsakes. They’re the kind of books that you put away for your grandchildren after your kids have outgrown them. The kind of books Grandparents write a special message and date in.

Smithsonian Explorers Book for Kids

There is nothing more inspiring to a budding explorer than to hear about the adventures of other explorers. Smithsonian Explorers shares the riveting stories of famous explorers who have bravely leaped into the unknown, from the Arctic to outer space! Enthralling illustrations and photography make this book a keeper.

Wonders of Nature Treasury

Your little explorer will be enthralled with these stories behind the natural world in this big, beautiful book, The Wonders of Nature: A Treasury.  Stunning images and accurate illustrations are displayed on the large pages, providing captivating backdrops for the fascinating facts. One hundred natural wonders await your child, including plants, animals and rocks.

The Party Animal

World Celebrations Kids Book

The party kid is often both social and kind, but this is a book that many personality types will enjoy… and so will you! Celebrations Around the World expands your child’s mind and promotes tolerance by showing them how cultures and religions celebrate around the globe. The author knows how to make it interesting for kids, with amazing illustrations and a focus on fun things like food and costumes. Tomato fights, camel marathons, mooncakes and more make it entertaining for kids of all ages.

We discovered the above books through DK Canada and will update the list as new books are published for delightfully-unique kids. Have you discovered a new book that made a perfect gift for your favourite reader? Please share your suggestions in the comments below.

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I love books and they make sweet gifts! It used to be something that was hard to buy because kids had so many already but these days they do most reading online. It makes books even more precious and valued.

Karen Caron

Great ideas! I’m looking for special books to give to my grandchildren and I love the notion of handing them down for generations