Best Websites for Free Printable Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Pumpkin carving has come a long way since I was a child in New Brunswick. Carving triangles and a toothy grin into a pumpkin was enough to impress visitors. Now, I’m blown away every year by the talent and creativity behind some truly amazing pumpkin designs. Many of these designs can be easily replicated using free pumpkin carving patterns that you find online, but it can take tons of time to find the best sites.

The Best Websites for Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns

We’re saving you some time this year with our compilation of the very best printable pumpkin carving websites. These sites were chosen for selection, originality and creativity. We’ll add more as we find them, so follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be notified of updates.

Better Homes & Gardens has a pumpkin patch full of a wide variety of free pumpkin carving patterns. Clever collections include “Text Me”, emoji, pop culture, dog & cat breeds, mouse house, and pumpkin groupings.

DLTK has an impressive number of top-notch pumpkin carving patterns to print at no charge. Impress your neighbours with Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Blue’s Clues, Smurf, Thomas the Tank Engine, Sponge Bob and Twitter, along with more traditional Halloween themes like cats, bats, owls, spiders, witches, vampires and zombies.

Stoneykins has 100 free, premium pumpkin carving patterns to download, including rock stars, TV & movie stars, Christian, animals, cartoon characters, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and causes.

Martha Stewart Free Pumpkin Carving Template

Martha Stewart’s free pumpkin templates are as fabulous as the rest of her decorating ideas. Cats, bats, witches and creatures come together in style.

Pumpkin Pile truly has a pile of free patterns to share with you. Categories include celebrities, symbols, vehicles, sports, cartoon characters and movie pumpkin carving templates.

The Pumpkin Lady has hundreds of free, traditional jack-o-lantern images that are upgraded to more intricate designs, along with modern designs. Government, charity, Christian, creatures and characters, as well as truly unique patterns like “Baby’s 1st” Halloween.

Woo Jr. has an awesome collection of your favourite comic characters, from Wonder Woman to comic villains. You’ll also find Star Wars, Avengers, Disney, My Little Pony, Harry Potter, Scooby Doo, and more traditional pumpkin carving patterns.

Horse Illustrated has six easy jack-o-lantern patterns that will show off your love of horses.

Angry Birds make perfect pumpkins and these free printable patterns make it easy to include them in your Halloween decorating.

But Wait! There’s More!

Nickelodeon Free Pumpkin Carving TemplatesDownload a free eBook .pdf of pumpkin carving patterns from Nickelodeon, that includes 41 printable templates of your fave Nick characters.  Kraft Canada also offers a .pdf with more traditional patterns.

If you want to get patriotic with your pumpkin, we have a Canadian Flag and Map of Canada that you can resize and print for use as a template.

Tip:  The fancy patterns are usually done with a light, crafting/rotary tool, such as the Populo Rotary Tool Kit.

!!! For the safety of all, use an LED Pumpkin Light and skip the candles.

Where do you find your free pumpkin carving patterns? Please share your favourite websites in the comments below.

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Mine didn’t turn out like the picture but I had fun trying, thanks! 🙂

Freda B Smith

Mine never turn out as nice as the pictures but I get better every year. If I had time I’d start practicing as son as pumpkins were ready but who has that kind of time? The best part is mistakes just make it more creepy! I can try to carve a cat and end up with a zombie cat HAHA!