6 Cheap and Easy Halloween Games for Kids

Games can make Halloween so much more fun and memorable. You don’t have to be Disney parents and put a lot of time and energy into it. These easy games require very little time to prepare and they’re guaranteed to bring out the witch cackles in all who play.

Safety first: Young players should be supervised.

Cheap & Easy Halloween Games for Kids

Mummy Wrap

Halloween Game Mummy Wrap

All you need for this game is toilet paper, white strips of fabric, or white crepe paper. It’s a really fun and simple game!

  1. Split your group into two teams. One person on each team will be wrapped, and the others will wrap him or her.
  2. Set a timer. The team that manages to cover their mummy first, wins the game.
  3. You can also have the mummy run to a finish line to win.

Haunted Hunting

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Plant some Halloween “treasures” around the house or yard for kids to find, such as Halloween books, a scary movie, or tickets to a local Halloween event.

If you want to make a dent in the amount of treats your child eats, offer to “charge” a certain number of pieces of candy to participate.

Bobbing For Poison Apples

Bobbing for Apples

Add a fun twist to the classic apple bobbing game!

  1. Get a large bucket or bin to put the water and apples in.
  2. Add all green apples and one red apple. The red apple is going to be the ‘poison’ apple from the Evil Queen.
  3. Everyone playing is blindfolded and will be bobbing for apples.
  4. The winner is the one who manages to get the poisoned red apple.

Skeleton Relay Race

Skeleton Relay

  1. Use two large skeletons, each with the same number of bones. They should fit on large pieces of cardboard.
  2. Players on each team will run to the other side of the yard to grab one bone at a time, return it to the cardboard, figure out where it belongs and tape it into the right spot.
  3. Teams keep going until the first team with a finished skeleton wins.

Pin the Wart on the Witch

Witch Game

A wicked alternative to Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

  1. Print an enlarged image of a witch’s face.  Click on the above image for a free, printable version of this picture.
  2. Tape it to a wall or door.
  3. Blindfold a player and give them a “wart” to stick on the witch’s nose. You can print a wart and add tape, or pick up a roll of green tape and cut out wart shapes.
  4. Blindfolded players try to place the wart on the witch’s nose. For older kids or adults, you can spin them around a couple of times to disorientate them and make the game more challenging.

Alternatives: Pin a stem on a pumpkin or vampire teeth on a bat.

Halloween “How Many…” Game

Halloween Guessing Game

Classic fun for all ages can be had by simply filling up a large jar with ghoulish treats, such as chocolate eyeballs or gummy worms (or both!). Have each guest guess how many treats are in the jar, writing it down on a piece of paper with their name. The winner gets the treats!


Prizes don’t have to be expensive. Haunt the dollar store or Amazon Halloween Store for party favours, decorations or games, or pick up craft supplies to make your own.

??? What are your favourite Halloween games for kids?

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Hi Melody, thanks for sharing these great and safe ideas!

Mrs. Leger

I keep meaning to thank you and finally remembered…these games were a scary hit in my classroom!