9 Easy Easter Crafts for Adults

Do you love homemade Easter decorations as much as I do? Sadly, I possess very few crafting skills and little talent in that regard, so I appreciate easy ideas for holiday decor.

We hopped around the internet and found some of the best, easy Easter crafts for adults. You’ll appreciate the clear instructions and illustrations from top Canadian blogs and websites, along with a couple of videos if you prefer to see crafts come to life before your eyes.

Please click the title to get the instructions for making these Easter crafts. Click on the Video image to play.

DIY Easter Bunny Planters Made From Upcycled Pop Bottles

Easy Easter Crafts for Adults - Bunny Planters

These environmentally-conscious bunnies will earn a spot on your Easter table or doorstep. They can continue to carry your favourite plant indoors or outdoors throughout the year.

“I’m always looking for projects that I can do with the craft supplies I have on hand,” writes Crystal. “If I can upcycle something that was going to end up in the trash or recycling– even better!”

Crystal has provided clear, illustrated instructions on her blog, Hello Creative Family.

Easter Bunny Eggs with Floral Crowns

Easy Easter Crafts for Adults - Easter Eggs

I’ve always envied the crafter’s eye. You know, the kind of person who can look at something and envision it as something entirely different. That’s how this idea popped into the head of Christina, over at The DIY Mommy.

These regal eggs can be on display all Spring! Show them off in a pot of moss, in an egg carton, or in an egg cup.

The Easiest No-Sew Easter Bunny Craft

Easy Easter Crafts for Adults - Sock Bunnies

Who doesn’t have some mateless socks lying around? Turn them into these adorable sock bunnies! They’re an easy way to do your part in keeping “fast fashion” out of Canadian landfills.

“In Canada, the average person throws out 81 pounds of textiles annually,” reports the Recycling Council of Ontario.

Easter Rice Candles

Easy Easter Crafts for Adults - Rice Candles

These easy & economical candles can be made to suit any holiday… or be used all year long! Elizabeth provides dazzling images to guide you on Frugal Mom Eh.

Silk Tie Easter Eggs

Easy Easter Crafts for Adults - Silk Tie Easter Eggs

You can easily and inexpensively add a dazzling array of patterns to Easter eggs using silk ties to dye them.

“To make the dyed eggs I went to Value Village (thrift shop) and purchased some silk ties with patterns I felt would transfer well to eggs and a few white napkins,” shares Kerrie in her post on Family, Food & Travel.

“Egging” the Neighbours

Easy Easter Crafts for Adults - Egging the Neighbours

I love the idea of making neighbours smile with this little Easter gift. We need more random acts of kindness in the world!

Head over to East Coast Mommy for instructions, a tag template and the bird nest recipe. If you’d like to use a brown Peanut Butter version of the nest, we have a recipe for you.

Fluffy the Bunny Free Knitting Pattern

Easy Easter Crafts for Adults - Free Knitting Pattern

Fluffy the Bunny has floppy ears! Knitters will whip up this pattern in no time, and Mary Maxim Canada provides the free knitting pattern.

Dollar Store Easter Bunny pots

This Southern Girl Can… and so can you! Visitors will never know you didn’t pick up these sweet bunnies in a boutique.

DIY String Carrots

All of those bunnies we’re making are going to need lunch! These string carrots are a breeze to make and really add a nice touch to rabbit décor.

Our thanks to the talented crafters featured in this roundup of Easter crafts! I’m sure you’ll find all kinds of additional treasures when you check out their websites or visit them on social media.

??? Do you make Easter crafts? Or do you prefer to buy handmade items?

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Kike Adeleye

Wonderful ideas! I naturally struggle with crafts so this guide will come in handy for me and the boys.

Mobilyf Cell Care

Its a Wonderful Blog!!

Britt K

These are all so much fun! I know that my nieces would go crazy for the bunny planters hahaha I’m sure they would look adorable painted/decorated by the kids too – a fun personal touch! I’m going to have to show this to my sister in law.


Brilliant! I’m planning easter activities already (before Christmas actually). I found you last year when I was searching for St Patricks Day. This is the first time I visited any of the featured bloggers and I’m looking forward to touring their blogs more too. Thanks very much 🙂


So much talent! Pinned for next Easter!


Oh I’m going to make at least one of these with my tween nieces. Then if they don’t turn out i can blame them. LOL!

Nola Green

Now these are crafts I might be able to finish. I’m a starter but if it takes too long I get bored and leave it. Those eggs are sweet!